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The Coloring Book Artist
This is me. The Coloring Book Artist. 
Relationships, marriage, and art have always been an important part of my life. When I figured out how to combine them all together into this delightfully fun business I was hooked! 
I started the in 2010 shortly after our daughter got married. Hers was the first coloring book I created. It was full of simple drawings and words that told their sweet love story. The kids at the wedding loved it! But, I was surprised when almost every adult guest asked for a copy.  Soon afterward, I got a request to create a book for a friend, then another, and another...soon I was working with brides in other states and then across the ocean!
I also expanded to include birthday books, retirement books, business coloring pages, classroom pages, and custom artwork. But, wedding books will always be my favorite. Because I love getting to know new couples and creating their one-of-a-kind wedding keepsake. 


Thanks for visiting this page. Blessings!


- Kathleen 

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